Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Unashamed Mincing

Right, so what’s happened since we last spoke! Well those of you who are expecting to hear of new destinations, long hours spent at sea, ploughing into the waves, may as well turn off now and get back to work/ fitting out aquariums/taking part in fun runs/digging footings/tending allotments!
We’re still here in Alcudia. The “minutiae” of life here has suddenly becoming really interesting! Yesterday was the hottest day yet, just like an unbearably hot Summer’s day. Hard to believe that only a couple of weeks ago, I was scratching around looking for something warm to wear!!! But today with strong winds blowing down from Tarragona, later to be followed by a pinzcher wind from, yet again, the Golf of Lyon, we settle for staying in Alcudia.
I go off for a walk to the Market again, whilst Ian goes on his fav cami walk. The market is full of locals all buying incredibly cheap, incredibly fresh veg by the kilo, whilst me, worried that things won’t keep, am buying a cuarto kilo and medio kilo of potatoes for 50p and beans for 30p!
Father’s Day and two photos. One before and one after! Ian at our fav tapas bar Punyetes-“Where’s mi scran. It’s 7.01pm!” and later with a table full of food. Our favourite foods, and this is where I’ve managed to gain Andrew’s attention, are -Salpicon, a cold mix of peppers, onions, olive oil, vinegar, octopus and prawns
Pimientos de Padron, little harmless-looking peppers that you have to test with your lips first, ‘cos now and then you get a rogue one which blows your mouth away and ruins the rest of your meal!
Montadito de Lomo, pork loin on tomato and garlic-smeared bread, called Pa amb oli
Sepia a la Plancha, grilled cuttle-fish , which twice, different waiters have put it down and waited for us to complain that it’s not what we ordered, because it’s beyond the usual gambas al ajillo that most adventurous Brits order, and they’re sure we’ve got it wrong! But we have n’t and it tastes great! We came out here in April and were lucky enough to witness the Fira de Sepia, or Sepia Festival in Alcudia. Whole stalls given over to sepia cooked by a local restaurant, and nothing but sepia for sale, cooked in a variety of ways at other restaurants. At the end of the two day fira, the participating restaurants are awarded the treasured, annual ceramic plate which they then display, and you guessed it, it has arty pictures of sepia on the plate!
Ian’s just worked out that it’s a year this weekend since they cleaned up his ankle. Still seems to be a lot of crap in there though! Maybe he just has to be patient! Talking of patience- It seems that someone you wouldn’t normally think of as being endowed with that quality managed an amazing three and a half hours queueing to get Terry Pratchett’s autograph in a new novel. All for the woman he loves! WOW!!! Well Done Anj!!
Also on the subject of Patience- how much longer will Laura have to wait to have her aquarium inhabited!!
PPPS Thought you might like the sweet photo, below, of someone’s gran catching their supper. Thought we might send Gran Web off to Whitby to do the same!


Baz said...

Great update ma! very easy to read :).

Yes we just don't get the pimento's that you guys get in Majorca. I complained to Hugo when we went to La Plaza and had pimentos! They just didn't make the grade! Very poor, then we debated over how they should be cooked! I know better.

Finished the book last night pop. Very good book, great ending. They should make a film out of it.

Some dates for you now pop to watch Spain.

(UK Time) 7:45 18/06/08 - Spain vs Greece.

(Quarter Final) 7:45 Sun 22/06/08 - Spain vs Italy.

If they get any further I'll send you the times.

One last thing, they've posted photos of our run on the web, if you want to see them, run this link...


That will do for now. Will blog again soon!!


Anonymous said...

Hi it's the Doctor...hope you are not just sitting around and sinking delicious tapas and beers, the weight gain will play havoc with your ankle!....don't forget the training for the walk and it's not far away.

I'm off in the Tardis on Tuesday to Barbados, looks like I need to take a cagoule all the bad weather you had is landing in the Caribean, the weather forecast is for thunderstorms every day!
I could go to Burnley for mi hols and get less!
Glad to hear all's going well, see you in a week.

All the best


Mr Rafter said...

Good day all
not written for a while hope you are both well. Have you been joined by young Kate yet? You will have to find some blue sea when she arrives.
Just had a day of horrendous winds (for June) it required an inclination of 15 degrees to the perpendicular whilst walking on the sea front of LA. I believe it has been even worse up north.Better ring Ernest for an update on the condition of your roof tiles.
Still recovering from the shock of the price from the QS. He's avin a laugh I think.May have to go for plan C now. Trouble is I haven't got a plan C.
Forgot to tell you I had a call from Phill last week. He has put his house with a rental agency and set off to France with Christine (they have both packed in their jobs) He says he may be away for a year travelling in France and Spain. Thats me plumber gone now I hear you fit a good toilet Ian, how are you fixed.
Must go Top Gear coming on, sorry I could not make it over see soon.

All the best Jack