Saturday, 28 June 2008

Fiesta time in Pt Alcudia

And now there are three of us! Kate joined us a couple of days ago. We’ve seen plenty of her as she works on a tan- “Will you put some lotion on my back please?” We’ve caught up on the stunning set of exam results, the conversations with Bryony, Hannah, Laura, Emma etc. We’ve inquisitioned her about the state of the house/Autumn/garden/shower tray that has a knack of blocking! But after all that there was nothing for it but to pull her into our cryptic crossword fetish!
She made various excuses like “I’m no good at this kind of thing”, “Can I do it lying down”, “I can’t find a pen”. But we had her hooked in the end and begging us to put it away a couple of hours later! “Novel about going after old mandolin. 7 letters!!!!!”

It’s been quite windy, but we’ve been out into the Bay for a magical sail and a swim in Alcanada. We’ve watched Spain beat Russia 3-0, with fire crackers going off each time they scored. Great atmosphere. Mum and Dad- Sorry to hear that Turkey didn’t get thru, but that means that Spain play Germany on Sunday. Given that Mallorca’s Germany’s Mediterranean state- officially there are 30,000 Germans living in Mallorca- it should be a great match.

Last night and all this weekend, in fact for most of this week!, there have been celebrations for San Pere, with fairs, market stalls, summer feasts for 6euros, traditional and modern music and dancing. Tonight they all go out in anything that floats to have their vessels blessed by the local priest, who is waiting for them out in the Bay. Apparently last year, the priest had one too many and nearly fell off his boat, mid-blessing! Judging by the amount of beers, with the odd half-dozen 7-up thrown in to make them look less alcoholic, this year promises to be an equally rowdy affair!

I watched the music and dancing last night. Young and old danced the sardine, bending and weaving, circling their arms, dancing close then spinning away. The younger ones are athletic leaping up and continuing until another contender runs across the floor to take over from him. Then the female is chased off for a rest to be supplanted by another “flirt” who makes a play for the guy, who is then pushed off by another, and so it continues. So the dancing for each person is brief and frenetic and totally mesmerising, unless you’re called Ian or Kate, who watched in the bar, from a distance, coming to join me just as one folk group swapped over to another. So there was then a pause of fifteen or so minutes filled with the usual sarcasm!!!

Really hot and settled today. Kate’s achieving a nice golden glow. We’ve got to hang around until 2pm for someone who’s coming to look at the boat, with agent. Should have come yesterday. Waited in. Boat as clean as a whistle inside and out. No-one allowed to park their bums on the toilet, clean teeth, stick their sun-lotioned elbows on my polished table, teak cleaned, chrome-work polished. No message! “Did Christine not ring you. She was supposed to ring you.”!!!

So we’ve/I’ve got to do it all again today. “Don’t worry we’ve got a set of keys” Yes you dummy but we’re here and we might be out of the berth doing something called sailing! I think our agent thinks we’re like a lot of these yachties who have an apartment here and a boat on the berth for jollies, but don’t actually sleep on it or go out in it!!!! Anyway as soon as they’ve had a nosey round, assuming they turn up, we’re off. Sorry San Pere but there’s only so much fiesta even I can take. We went to bed about 1am and they were still dancing and singing! Need to visit a nice quiet anchorage and watch the fireworks tonight, due to go off at 12.30, from a distance. Cos we’re definitely back here for the match.

PPPS Anj- BBQing the pimientos worked a treat. Boiled for 4 mins and then fried on Barbie in oil in a foil tray. Off to get some more today, as Kate is hooked as well!

Laura- How’s the exams going? How’s the fish tank going? How’s your garden growing?

Gran Marnier- Thanks for the message. Seems that you and Jack Rafter have started up a conversation! Hope all is well.

All- May be time for one more blog, but we’ll be home soon and looking forward to seeing you allXXXXXXX

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your messages, Marie. Will miss reading them when you come home, but will enjoy seeing you and talking to you personally much more!

Just been watching Andie Murray playing tennis at Wimbledon, but he gets me worried when I watch him. He had lost the first two sets,l so went out for A short walk, and when I got back, he had just won the third set on tie breaks. Decided he seemed to do better if I wasn't watching, so am writing this instead, will have another look later!!!

glad to hear Kate did so well with her exams. Laura rang me last Thursday, as she was going to Paris on Friday, and she told me that Kate had done extremely well, and should get a 2/1 if she did so well in the finals. Tell her I am very proud of her.

Nothing else to report, but looking forward to you coming home.At least, you have had good weather for the last week.

Love Mum.xxxxx