Monday, 23 June 2008

BlueSky Blue Water Blue Washing OR Harry got a call re messin about on boats(9 letters)

So. What’s been happening here. The weather has been like Summer- really warm/hot and unbroken sunshine. Very little wind so we’ve been able to stay overnight in anchorages you wouldn’t touch if it was breezy. Picked up a buoy on two nights running in Formentor. They normally charge about 30 euros per night but haven’t got going yet, so we can sneak in and out unnoticed! BBQd on board both nights and spent the day swimming, cooling off, reading and doing cryptic crosswords! It’s so beautiful here and yet it’s just on the door-step.
Then on to Cala Molta for an overnight stay in heaven! Turquoise sea, the smell of pines, all self-sufficient with food for a BBQ supplemented with rice and peppers. The reason why BBQs are so popular on a boat is because it’s too hot down below to cook food comfortably.
Cala Molta has been adopted by mainly German naturists, so there are lots of little, and not so little, pink bottoms toasting in the heat! 5 Letters- Goes out with, to gather fruit- peaches and plums spring to mind!
We have a lovely calm evening, watching the sun go down, and all the little day boats are making their way back home now, so it’s getting much quieter. After a reasonable night’s sleep we waken to an idyllic, calm morning. Early morning swim, wash the sheets, to save on laundry bill later, and another look at the dratted crossword- “And, splashing in the bowl is sweet”- 7 letters. No idea!!
Off for a walk whilst it’s still cool. Over the hill to Cala Mesquida. Beautiful pine smells, with wild flowers and birds.
Off back to Alcudia, because Andrew’s reminded us of the Spain v Italy match. Great sail in the bay of Alcudia with the wind picking up in sea breezes.
Then onto our fav place, Can Punyetes. A young guy is trying to set himself up to play the guitar and sing for us. Seems like his problems go much deeper than the fact that he needs to entirely re-string his guitar before he starts. The waiters are extremely kind and helpful, but we can’t help noticing that he is using one of the restaurant tables opposite. Now this is really rubbing salt into the wounds! To put you in the picture- Opposite Punyetes, which is THE most successful tapas restaurant/ restaurant in the whole of Alcudia, there is another tapas restaurant. There are never any customers there. A few days ago, they tried employing someone to intercept passers-by and drag them in, and now he’s been replaced by not one, but eight menu boards outside. Sad but desperate. Ian’s trying to stop me from giving them some advice. Change to an English bar and sell fish and chips. You’d have a much better chance of success!
Anyway back to the poor unfortunate who has used one of their several empty tables to string his guitar on. With the help of the waiters and refreshed by a free bottle of water, he is on his way. I think another bottle of wine is called for! It’s very real and that’s the best you can say about it. The follow- up to this, is that two nights later we went back to Punyetes. Same guy appears but he’s looking much calmer. Checho, the waiter tells me in Spanish that the guy had had his guitar robbed, and when the waiter sympathised with him that he must have been very sad, he says “Es Igual” and promptly buys another one in Inca, far superior to the other. Busking obviously pays, and maybe he doesn’t have as many problems as it seems!!
Checho came to Mallorca when he was a little boy. He comes from Galicia, same as Hugo, yes Anj? When we say to him that we have been to this restaurant for 10 years but we don’t know his name, he corrects us and says it’s been 12 years, and he’s right, it has been 12 years and he’s noticed!
Once again Ian has spent his day familiarising himself with the fine details of the bog, not blog! After some suspicious-looking brown liquid seeped out of the base of the loo, it was clear that Ian’s hopeful efforts several days ago were just hopeful. 60euros later, he has replaced both valves and we seem to be up and running!
Spain won on penalties. Waiters tense. Then car horns sounding into the night. You’d think they’d won the trophy itself! I bet there was a good atmos where you were Anj and Laura. We tried to ring you but you seemed to be busy!!!
Off to Alcudia Market again, tomorrow, to buy more supplies and to see if we can cook pimientos de padron on the BBQ, cos it makes too much mess in the galley!

Saw you running in the official photo Anj- looked great! Hope you had a great night with Laura and Spanish mates watching the Match. Will keep you posted with the results of the pimmies! Simmer in water for 4 mins and then fry for about 10mins. Hugo might be from Galicia but us webbies know how to cook pimientos!!
Laura – Lovely to hear that you had a bonding moment with Anj helping you with fish tank. Can’t wait to see the progress! Plants still alive? Multi-task!!
Kate- FANTASTIC RESULTS. ALL-ROUND STAR!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Doctor- Must be losing you soon! Have a great time in Barbados.
Ma and Pa – Glad you had a super holiday , lots of love and see you soonxxxxxxx.
Gran Marnier- Lots of Love and see you soonxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Dear Ian and Marie,

Glad the weather has now improved for you, it is certainly time! At last you are enjoying what you are doing! Not very good here at the moment, in fact it is pouring down now, and forecast for rain and strong winds all day, also not good for Saturday or Sunday.Still it is summer!!!
Not much to report, haven't done anything exciting recently, seeing as how I am always doing exciting things!
Just read Colin's message. Didn't Know Christine and Phil were back together again! Haven't been in touch with Tom for ages, must give him a ring.
Think that is all for the moment.

Col said...

Grand Marnier I don't think they are back together as an item - just travelling companions