Sunday, 1 June 2008

Here we go again 2

Forget Soller. For those of you in the know (and for those of you who were n’t, because we were too embarassed to admit it), with the prospect of six unsettled days, four of which were rain all day), we booked a cheap flight home, going against the half-term traffic flow in both directions, and went home for six days of wet weather instead.
Anyway, flew back with twenty or so guys on a stag do, drinking the inflight service dry of, would-you-believe-it, rose wine, and after one sunny day spent sailing in the Bay, checking that everything was in working order, set off for Menorca. With a weekend of cloudy, wet and unsettled weather, we decided that that was as far as we dare go with a crap forecast!
As it was we had a cracking over 7knot all the way sail, right up to Ciutadella’s door-step. Ciutadella is the capital of Menorca, and prone to “resurgens” or mini tidal waves in SW winds. Today it was NW. About three miles off shore, we were escorted by a mother and baby dolphin who stayed with us for ten minutes or so, rocking and rolling up against our speeding bow, swimming away and then coming back again for more, and as they turned you could see their pale bellies. When they surfaced you could hear them click. We’ve seen them dozens of times and it’s still always wonderful. On arrival at Cala Santandria after five and a half hours, we put our anchor down in the middle of the channel, and tied a stern line to the rocky shoreline.. You’ll remember this one, Colin and childer. It’s the one where we picked up a disused metal power cable! Then the wind got up a bit during the night and Ian had to let go of the stern line because it was holding us across the wind.
In search of a better night’s sleep and a good, safe anchorage we motor-sailed, again over 7knots all the way to Cala Fornells, about three hourts. About as big as Porto Colom on Mallorca. We tied up to a choice of a dozen or so free buoys, whereas in the Summr you’re scratching around for the remaining few. One good thing about coming out of season. We’re here now and it’s raining again, that red rain that sets like clay and makes a terrific mess of the boat, the one which spent ages trying to remove red rain from when we landed the second time!
No fresh meat left so we might have to eat out tonight. What a shame! A chance for me to wear something remotely reasonable and then cover it up with big waterproof bottoms so that I don’t get soaked in our minute dinghy. Remember, Colin, and I think Alma, Tara and Melvyn have all experienced this bottom-soaking phenomenon,(“Who’s the heaviest?”, “God, you’ve put weight on since last Summer!”)
Better weather forecast for tomorrow, and then we can decide where to go next---- Port Vendres (SW France), Barcelona, Sardinia …. Who knows! One thing’s for certain it won’t be Luton this time!!!

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