Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow in November

On Patio
It started snowing on Ian's birthday, and has been at it ever since!  In one night it snowed 17"!!!
We haven't been able to use the car for five days now. Thank goodness htat we have a cracking local Spar shop, which has been doing a roaring trade. 
Today the temperature climbed into positive values- 1.5 deg C, and we decided to make a bid for freedom, and so did everybody else. The major roads are pretty clear and gritted, but the minor linking roads are practically impassable.  Today a tractor, fitted with a snow plough came and dug out the snow on our road, which was 3' deep in places!
We managed to get the car back up the drive, after our journey to the shops, although we did have to scrape the ice and snow away in places on the hilly access road.  Pre-Xmas "dos" have come and gone, no calls for supply work in school, as the schools are shut, so it's all a bit quiet.  Hopefully we'll be able to get family together for Xmas.

Baslow Edge
 In the meantime, we've had plenty of beautiful, wintry walks in the snow, and taken lots of lovely photos
Looking up towards the house on Eaton Drive