Monday, 2 June 2008

Alles klar in Mahon

Needing fuel and water, we headed for Mao (Mahon), which actually IS the capital of Menorca, and not Ciutadella, as previously stated. Woke to a beautiful blue sky day with a gentle wind, and motor-sailed down to Mao, three to four hours away.
The last time we were here we couldn’t get in anyway and were glared at and gesticulated at all the way out of the port again, having to take shelter in a crummy little area just inside the channel. But today a choice of several dozen moorings. Eventually pulled up onto the main town quay, close to shops, traffic and numerous English people sauntering up and down. “What’s that boat from Poole doing in Mahon!”. Surrounded by massive new yachts and cruisers. Obviously the credit crunch is n’t biting here yet!
Heard from little Laura today, who’d just landed returning from Costa Rica, to a quick shower and off to work as normal. Good to see that she’s keeping up the family tradition of screwing up timetables and going for it! Incidentally I was really cold on the journey down from Fornells and was scratching around for something warm to wear (having left my only piece of warm clothing on a Costa cafĂ© chair in East Mids airport!), Anyway I managed to come across a Chilli Peppers ski-jacket that Laura used to wear when she was about 14. Silver grey and cream with a woolly grey collar. Remember that one Laura?. A bit snug but fits quite well. It must have been that era when you liked to hide in massive clothing or were you a lot chubbier than you looked?
Anyway lovely and warm now, but only problem is surrounded by large groups of wealthy Germans on amazingly huge boats!! I wonder when Germany will be hit by recession!!
You’ll be glad to hear that Ian’s unbroken record of spending at least 10% of the stay on the boat with his arm up the u-bend remains unbroken! With 2 heads or toilets he’s got plenty to keep him occupied. We’ve sprung a leak and as yet not plugged it!!! And in the course of repair I heard the classic line “Oh shit, no really!!!”. I did offer him a cloth from the safety of the cockpit!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ian and Marie, I'm following your travels with interest, glad to hear you are in Menorca it's a great island.
Hope the weather improves, but don't come back to UK yet because it's awful torrential rain looks like another summer of floods!

Keep smiling

The Doctor