Sunday, 15 June 2008

Home safe and sound in Alcudia

Safe and sound in our favourite place- our home port of Alcudia. Back to Punyetes last night- Great meal with pud and coffee- 33E. And Mum Florence- they do something for pud called Hojaldre con Salsa de Chocolate and it’s almost as good as Bertwistle’s Excellent Vanilla Slice!! Then back to the boat to watch the next DVD of Spooks- Ian’s favourite. We’ve still got something about Wild China to watch on BBC i-player. Wish Apprentice had been on BBC then I could have kept up with it. Our friend Richard off Sail la Vie texted us to tell us Lee had won. It was very considerate of him. Expecting to see them at the end of July, when we return after having been at home for most of that month. Just to remind you that we return with Kate on July 2nd.
Spain have just beaten Sweden 2-1 and we couldn’t have been more pleased than if we’d been Spanish ourselves! Incidentally, Ian’s just read about someone else’s plans ruined by the storms in Sardinia. Rooney is thinking of diverting to the Caribbean for his honeymoon, whereas we went to Barcelona!! So we don’t feel that we “gibbed” too badly, because Rooney “said so”!!
Having been couped up on the boat for 14days, looking forward to a walk today into the old town of Alcudia, where it is Market Day..
Laura- Thanks for the message. At least word gets thru to one of our kids! Yes I know my e-mails are a bit long but you have read at least one novel when you were at school- Pride and Prejudice! Re; Sunflowers. Water copiously and feed with fertiliser. In absence of real stuff- Liquid fertiliser will do. To make sure that you have the edge over Alma’s mum/ surrogate mummy, pay her an impromptu visit one night and wee on her nurtured sunflowers! It’s fantastic that you’re getting into growing stuff. My prayers have been answered! Next step- renting an allotment and growing your own veg! PS Hope the garden’s going well, and the lilies and clematis (ie vigorous mobster your mum gave you) are doing well. Have you ever read The Day of the Triffids by HGWells?
Grandma, your last missive was successful. Keep them coming!
Jack Rafter. You’ve gone mighty quiet. Busy with your footings!
Anj- Any chance of a message if you can be ars…d reading the blog?
Lizzie- Just read both Terry Pratchett books. Great!! Any chance of borrowing some. Will bring back Wyrd Sisters and Maskerade to give to you. “This week have been mostly reading “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian” by Marina Lewycka!!!!
Ian chuckling away to Jeremy Clarkson’s “And Another Thing”.
Kate- =Kitten. Keep watering the potatoes- ie the green things that grow in the veg patch that look nothing like potatoes! How’s the job going? Paid off your overdraft yet?
Doctor- Don’t be intimidated by all these familial missives. Join in whenever you feel like it!
Dad- HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. ALL MY LOVE. Hope Crete was wonderful. See You SoonXXXXXXXX Give My Love to MumXXXXXX

Oh and weather’s picking up now. We’ve had two sunny days together, and they’re forecasting more to come. But the sea’s still a bit chilly for swimming!


Anonymous said...

Hi it's the Doctor again, ... what's this about sending Rooney to Barbados, I'm there next week I'll have to brush up mi scouse!
It may be a misprint but the Apprentice is on the BBC and worth a watch. I thought Clair may win, but as you are aware the southerners are not good at handling us "gobby" northerners!
Hope the Tapas and beer is still good in our favourite bar.

P.S. Stuart Branch called to plan the venue for the walk, I know it's in Derbyshire, ....but where? said...

Alright Mumski,
I made a note in my phone to check out the blog today. So have done so. Sounds like you've gone quickly back into your mincing ways. Good to see Bob's been providing some useful insight into the trip in the blog, I didn't know he had so much to say!!

Actually went and met Terry Pratchet in London to get some books signed for Lizzy, I'm sure she won't mind you borrowing a few to read. Still no word on Lizzys visa, so we are still waiting to see what will happen. Got Radiohead next week, which should be fun, will take pictures :)

Planning a couple more 10K's in August!! Anyone else up for a run around let me know! All in London, but should be a good laugh and there's a party after one of them.

Right Ski' I'll keep my eye on the blog more regularly from now.