Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Sydney Bridge Walk

G'Day Poms!

Another hot, sunny day in Sydney, New South Wales! Arrived at Travellodge in centre of city, all relaxed and massaged, to find we'd arrived on the busiest day of the Australian calendar, Australia Day! Place was absolutely heaving!!!

Currently sitting in the shade of a bottle-brush tree in Watsons Bay overlooking Sydney Harbour. Foreground- seagulls, sailing boats and calm, blue water. Background- city skyscrapers and Harbour Bridge. Went on a sunset walk up to top of bridge last night. Sunset at about 7.30pm. Walked as far as Australian flags on top, whilst our guide gave us brief history of the construction of the bridge. 90% steel stucture came from Middlesborough U.K. Built in 1932 when there were only 11 cars northside, wanting to travel across the bridge. Even so they had the foresight to build it wide enough to accommodate 8 lanes of traffic and 2 rail lines today! Also been to Manly Beach, my favourite in the area- baysude and ocean-side. Ian compared it to Blackpool, but as far as I know you don't get the lifeguards warning you that a shark has been sighted in the vicinity and you should get out of the water. Some hard-core dudes are obviously used to such warnings and, much to the annoyance of the lifeguards, continued surfing!

Also been to Chinatown at night and ate one of our cheapest meals, sizzling chicken and noodles served on a greasy tray but tasted great. Washed down with my fav drink- ginger and lemon infusion sweetened with natural palm sugar.

Anyway off for something more upmarket- fish and chips and a glass of wine at the world-famous Doyles on Watsons Bay and then back to Circular Quay on the fantastic ferry, 20 minutes later you're back in heart of the city!

One more night and then off to pick up campervan in Adelaide, to visit the rellies and a brief trip to the Sniwy Mountains and Flinders Rangers of South Australia. Could be averaging 80-100 miles a day!!!

Sorry if there's spelling mistakes but no time to edit at $2 for 20 minutes!



Son said...

Question - Is Australia day all about drinking? Or do they actually have anything worth while to celebrate. I was in Clapham Common that day (has a lot of SA's and Aussies) and all they did was drink. As you like to have a bit of knowledge about this kind of stuff, I thought you might have found out?

I just thought I'd point out, you've spelt "Sniwy" incorrectly. I've checked wikipedia and it's definitely incorrect, it should be spelt "Snowy".

Watched Spamalot at the weekend "Holy Grail musical", very good, worth while seeing if it's still on when you get back from your travels.

Jack Rafter said...

Work very quiet today (global financial meltdown imminent) so I came home at lunch time and went for a stroll along th LA sea front.Beautiful day,blue sky, sun shining,waves lapping against the shore (a bit like Sydney but colder).Walked up the side of the river watching kids learning to dingy sail. Went as far as the bridge (a bit like Sydney but smaller) then cut through into the heart of the city (a bit like Sydney with charity shops)Lovely!

Jack Rafter said...

Anyway good to hear you are having a good time and glad to see all your fledglings seem happy and prosperous. Sounds like a good bash happening in Eaton Drive this weekend, is it everybody welcome bring a bottle or three? Not sure about good girl - you can take the girl out of Padiham but you can't take Padiham out of the girl.Son found a new lease of life in the south it seems(thanks for the cds mate, still on Trance for beginners,may move onto intermediate next week - love it! Must dash now have to go and give the vet £120 for ten minutes work -
bye bye for now

Ma said...

No1 Son you're right there does seem to be a lot of boozing involved but Australia celebrates severing its ties from the mother country on that dsy Seen a tshirt for you in airport- lemon or pale blue, with chinese writing(blue) or Spanish writing all over it(lemon) or not at all Let me know. Yes we'd love to see Spamalot as well

Jack Rafter- where did you get that from! Great to hear from you again Weather sounds unbelievably good where you are!! Bit of advice- don't go to the gym with trance beginners in your ears or you may end up doing yourself a mischief!!!

To all -I stand corrected by Ian as usual-- its not 80-100 miles a dsy travelling in the campervan-- it's 300-400 miles a day on some days for 8days. Ian loves to split hairs!!!

Dad do you need help commenting? ask one of kids - Laura's the special one!!!