Saturday, 26 January 2008

byeee from Langkawi

Last full day and evening here. Since we last wrote, we've seen much more of the island, learnt how to cook fried rice in a cookery lesson at the hotel (34deg outside and I'm back in the kitchen!), watched a traditional dancing and fire-eating show,explored Chenang beach (the "sunset strip" of Langkawi), where there were lots of restaurants, some chic and some shabby! The rule of thumb around here seems to be that the places to eat may vary a lot but the food's always good and if you stay away from the hotels, it can be extremely cheap. Yesterday we went up in a cable car to one of the highest mountains on Langkawi, with a high-tech walkway beween two mountains. Totally covered in jungle-like trees and unclimbable, even if you were mad enough to consider it! Looking down you could see all the 99+ islands off Langkawi, and a massive breakwater, built after the tsunami to protect the people who live at sea-level on the plains. Unfortunately though they seem to be regenerating with big shopping malls, selling the ubiquitous duty-free, which is apparently what the tourists come here to buy But not these two tourists!!

Now we've managed to buy ourselves a card-reader for the great price of 5pounds in one of these shops I've just said we dont go into, we can prove that we are actually where we say we are, for some of you doubting Thomass! So we're sending you some of our photos of our experiences in Langkawi and closer to home in the hotel! We'd definitely come back here, and in fact we are returning to this general area when we travel to Sabah and Sarawak (or Borneo for those using old money).

Last bit of Malay lesson for now---

Selamat datang--- Welcome

Selamat pagi----- Good Morning

Terima Kasih----- Thankyou

"Selimat kasit Madam bang bang"---- "How was your swim this morning, Madam?"

Goodbye from Langkawixxxxx


Ma said...

Wow Kate you're alive! I was thinking of asking Laura to check you were still breathing. Just about to catch the 11pm flight to Sydney, but will be sad to leave Malaysia for now and will be looking forward to coming back already! Fantastic preparation for flights here in Malaysia. For the price of 12pounds each we are in the premium lounge, complete with meal, unlimited beer, 1 glass of wine, 15 minute massage, 20minute access to internet, comfy chairs and even showers! it doesn't come much better. Takes the grind out of all this long-haul travel!!! All my love Maxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you have arrived safely in Sydney now.HopeI am successful this time.In sending a message to you.It is lovely hearing from you, and lookforward to reading a lot more.If you see Ray before I manage to send a full message, Tell him I will try again when Ifind out what I did wrong!
Hope you receive this one! Mum

The good daughter said...

Eh up ducks...

I had a nice weekend. Spent Saturday in Cambridge with the funnier Kate and Burnley won 2-0 at home, we are on a run - 1 point from the play off places with plenty of games left :)

Sunday the Comets beat Westside FC 5-1 - Alma scored and therefore managed to improve her number of goals for the SEASON by 50% - shes quite the striker! I however was relegated to being a linesperson as it was my turn to rest...boring! Back for the match this Sunday to kick some ass!

God said...

yeh well ive got a busy life mum. I started the netball team last week, played in a tournament, was pretty good! Thought i should do some exercise! Who's this wally that has nicknamed themselves 'the good daughter' word: tard! Anyway i'm going home next wednesday for ben's birthday, so i will get to see little mittens and check she is ok, and not too traumatised by being left wth complete strangers! xx

Satan's Little Helper said...

Sounds like your having a good time! Hows bob doing? Don't see him being mentioned much on here. Have the malaysian police finally caught up with him!?

On the subject of the best daughter, surely the clear winner is autumn, no competition I'm afraid. Autumn doesn't cost anyway near as much as you guys put together!

Good to see Grans figured out how to send a message, good work gran! Next time put your nickname in so we can see who it is! You could have something like Grand Marnier. :)

Look forward to your next report, keep em coming and with pictures!

Autumn said...

Meow, meoooow, meeeeow, mmeow, meowwww

Interpreted: Today, i have been mostly eating...biscuits.

Kate, dont rush home, i prefer my current feeders/poo tray cleaners!

Mum, dont feel guilty about travelling around the world for months on end. I have left a treat at the foot of your bed, whose smell should have matured nicely upon your return :)


Baz, tisk true, i do not cost anywhere near as much as Kate and her swimming pool/pony/ferrari/shrine, however from my 16 years in the family i fear that Laura is in fact the favourite.

Grandma - i miss your lap!

Laura said...

Thanks for that input Autumn, glad to see you are well.

Pops - when are you on the boat - was thinking of a short break over the May bank holiday (1 May - 6 May)?

Ma said...

Great to read all your comments and nicknames-

Grand Marnier- received your comment

Satans little helper- you do realise that respectable members of the public like my ex-boss and Colin can read your comments!

Good daughter- Dad, yes he is still with me, has said that it's ok for you to use the boat in May. We're using it mid-April.I know you're holding everything together at home, but any chance of giving grandma a hand with acquiring a nickname eg Grand Marnier?

Funnier daughter aka god- have a good weekend and give Autumn a hug
from me. Please check post and give Ben our best wishes for a bonza birthday!!