Saturday, 19 January 2008

Kuala Lumpur-Twin Towers

Hi everyone. Hope you're all well. 12 hours flight from Heathrow- although the BA plane had come off the runway that same day, miraculously only delayed by one hour! Hotel smack bang up against the Petronas Towers, until recently the tallest building in the world. Lovely arriving at night to the towers all lit up like silver rings. Woke up at 5am after little sleep to the muslim equivalent to church bells calling the faithful to worship. After a two hour queue, we went on the ten minute Petronas towers experience and walked across the sky-bridge between the two towers. Can't include a photo yet but hope to in next blog. The pre-tour advice told us to adopt "modest behaviour" during our visit! Mixture of cultures and religions- hindu, buddhist, muslim and christian, all seemingly living harmoniously together. Mind you, as we saw at the airport, with the death penalty for smuggling drugs, you get the impression that there's a zero tolerance of deviant behaviour. So I guess we'll have to wait till we get to good ol' Oz!!!

Learn Malay the "Marie"-way!
Keluar - Exit
Tandas di mana - Where are the toilets?

More invaluable phrases to follow!

Off to Langkawi tomorrow, one hour's flight north, up the coast, to soak up the sun and do a bit of snorkelling. If I can tear myself away from the sun-bed will send a note from there!

All my love

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