Monday, 14 January 2008

Australasia tour

Monday 14 Jan 2008
Getting ready for trip (without Blue Crush this time) with a mixture of waterproofs and t-shirts, pills for every form of problem, walking gear and "mincing"gear! I think we can safely say we completed our apprenticeship in "mincing" last autumn, and those who require further explanation of this peculiar condition should refer to Andrew Webster! Now read on...or back up actually!!


AndyW120381 said...

I can't believe you guys managed to set this up. Did you you pay someone to do it?

Marie said...

Cheeky little bleeder. No we managed to do this all by ourselves. Impressed! we are. Anyway get on with your work or what ever you call it. Congratulations, you're the first one to contact us. Luv Ma and Pa

Anonymous said...

Au revoir and bon voyage.
If you come across any of those dusky maidens in the far east, bring me one back please.