Friday, 11 March 2011


Mexico! Zihuatanejo- still

Amazing distances. Overall we've covered approx 2000miles along the coast of Mexico, and are now at our third stop, the almost unpronouncable Zihuatanejo, only 5km from the popular resort of Ixtapa. Zihuatanejo has a real, traditional feel, with bars and restaurants along the shore, but cafes and cantinas used by the locals in the streets behind. It is far more approachable and relaxing than PV,and is set in a pretty bay, with expensive looking villas layered up on the wooded hillsides, with a long stretch of attractive beaches. Jenny Bond, who was also on the disastrous trip yesterday, was also ashore and looking much happier today! She's on board doing some entertaining talks on the Royal Family.

We discovered that things are shockingly cheap here- entrance to a little archeological museum and booklet was $1 each! it seems that prior to the Spanish Conquest, the local tribes, of which there were about 20, lived peaceful lives, fishing and hunting, and producing clay figurines, shell jewellery, and obsidian tools and flints. There are some great little exhibits in the museum.

The street vendors, and women and very small children, who come to your table with little toys for sale, had a mexican indian appearance- distinctive, and very short. Almost as soon as they can walk, the children help their mothers selling clay pots, necklaces and toys to the tourists who disembark from the big cruise-ships.

It's much warmer and more humid down here, now that we're in the Tropics.

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