Monday, 7 March 2011

Second Day at sea

Weather beginning to look up and finally become warmer, after the coldest winter SoCal has known for some time.

We're on our way down to Baja California, about 600miles along the west coast. We'll arrive at Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja Cal, in Mexico. Just been to a lecture about Hernan Cortes conquest of Mexico in 1500s and his alliance with Montezuma of the Aztecs. A couple of hours in the sun, and then painting class, with water colours, with Ian going to a lesson in Digital photography and Photoshop. Been up since 6.45am, clocks going forward one hour, and then into the gym again early morning.

After another early session in the gym, we're off on a whale-watching excursion tomorrow am, so fingers crossed that we manage to see one.

Life aboard is great, but you do have to stay a bit focussed in order to benefit from the numerous activities on offer.

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