Friday, 11 March 2011

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta- Mexico

Arrived 9am, having sped along at about 20knots, during the night. Much better known in UK as a resort city- purpose-built, characterless,sprawling. Much like Spanish costa resorts.

We were going on a trip today to Las Calletas "Hideaway"- swim in the turquoise sea in this hidden bay, owned by John Houston, the director, blah, blah...

To cut a long story short- a very poor trip which promised a lot and was poor value. Too cold to snorkel, so went kayaking and saw a dead kitten floating close to shore! All 90 odd of us sat cheek by jowl on a tiny beach, on decrepit deckchairs, set up at no more than 3feet apart!

Everyone stood in shock and then determined to put a brave face on it! We had to stay there for at least another four hours! Nothing for it but to hit the bar and the free margaritas! By my standards I'd lived the life of a nun so far- up early by 6.45 am, gym for an hour and a half, no alcohol at lunch-time and sensible in the evening, but extreme circumstances necessitated extreme remedies! Four margaritas later and on the way back from the "Hideaway" Idyll, and I was having a great time, laughing at all the staff doing their dancing and pre-tip hosting routine!

The queue at the excursions desk to give "feedback" was swelling like the Pacific, as we made our way out of PV at 6pm. Byebye PV!!

Las Calletas

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