Saturday, 13 November 2010

Through Four States to Palm Springs

Palm Canyon Palm Springs
A curious thing, there are four states and they're really close together in this area.  On the 400mile drive from St George, Utah, we passed through the canyons of Utah, and deserts of Arizona, through Las Vegas in Nevada to arrive six hours later in Palm Springs, California.  Now I'm not very happy with the laws in SoCal. Having been desperate for some fresh fruit, with no added sugar, salt or seasoning, Ian bought me some satsumas, which I was working my way through nicely, with at least 30 more to go.  Anyway, we were pulled up on some random agricultural check on Highway 15, and the beggars confiscated my satsumas, and left me with some poxy, tasteless golden delicious apples.  They didn't search the car for all the satsuma peel, which was mounting up on the backseat.  I think they just fancied some fruity snacks.  The irony is that the satsumas were from 2 miles down the road from Andrew at Sherman Oaks, in South California, so I'm not sure what all the fuss was about,.....and, he took my number plate.  I should have asked for his details, but didn't fancy waiting around whilst he went over our contents with a fine tooth-comb.
Anyway, not pleased!! I'd been so looking forward to the rest of those satsumas!!!
And another thing, US driving stinks!!!  You've got to get used to the fact that they overtake you on either side, insude and far-side, and it's all perfectly legal, if unnerving.  However they do have this good system in LA, of a lane on the 6 lane highway, at rush hour, or at any time, designated to car sharers.  If there's more than one of you in the car, you can use the much less congested car pool lane.  That is good.
We were to spend the next three nights in Palm Springs.

Jack Rabbit
Early the following morning we set off up the road to Indian Canyon, with its largest number of Californian Fan Palms in California.  All around dry, arid desert, with creosote bushes, cacti etc, and then this amazing canyon some five miles long with shady clumps of tall Californian Palms and running water, even at this particularly dry time of year.  The Cahuilla Indian Reserve covers the whole of this area and there were several Indian Park Rangers on duty.  It's easy to understand why they considered this to be a sacred place.  It must have been such a haven of tranquillity in this cool oasis, after spending all day in the heat of the desert.
We walked along one of the numerous trails for about three hours and then headed back to the hotel. 
Back to the Strip in the evening for a Mexican meal and bed by 9.30pm.  It's dark now by about 5pm, since daylight saving came in.  Forecast for the coming week- sunny every day, with temperatures in the 80sF, and cool at night- in fact, quite chilly tonight.

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