Sunday, 21 November 2010

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Bibs
 Yep!  The only wet thing to happen since we arrived- The Baby Shower.  With all Andrew's workmates being male, this was always going to be difficult.  But Lizzy and friend, Alex/Lexy, the food was fantastic, and entertainment, imaginative.  They'd bought lots of inexpensive little baby vests, and fabric pens.  There was a competition for the best designed and drawn baby vest.  There were some incredible results.  Their friends were very supportive and generous, and Lizzy had a number of gifts and clothes to put in the nursery.

The following day, Ian and I went off to Babys R Us and bought a "stroller" from Gran, and "crib" from us, which we set up with Lizzy.  It's seems hard to believe that our little grand-daughter, all 18" of her, would be sleeping in this massive crib, which converts to a full-sized single bed.

The Stroller
Anyway, we left Lizzy resting back at the flat, went off to Santa Monica to the beach, had a brief swim in a very cold sea, lunch at Bubba Gumps, which was great, and then back into all the traffic leaving LA. So different to the last week, we were stuck in traffic, on a six lane highway- madness!

Gran's Woollen Jacket
We called in at the long-stay travel-lodge and booked our accommodation for two weeks next Feb, when the baby's due, then a hug goodbye and off to Venice Beach for a stroll and quesadilla, before dropping the car off and catching a shuttle to the airport.  We got talking over a beer, with a couple from Saskachewan, Canada, who were on their way to New Zealand.  Calgary's only a three hour flight.... mm!  Canada's not far away is it.  They told us about their lifestyle, hunting elk, moose and deer, and her husband was clearly finding it difficult, leaving Saskachewan in the height of the hunting season!

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