Friday, 5 November 2010

Daytime Las Vegas

So glad we saw the Strip all lit up at night, but today we toured in warm, then later hot sunshine.  Awake at 6.30am and writing the blog, breakfast with Andrew and Lizzy and then off to the Strip, whilst it was still cool.  We walked along down to Paris, with its amazing replica of the Eiffel Tower, then on to New York -New York, with its Statue of Liberty, and MGM.  Inside MGM were literally thousands of slot machines, millions if you multiply by the number of facades on the Strip.  We succumbed and put in $2, that's 50cents each, winning first time a total of $16 for the "baby fund"!  The lovely BMW car, that Lizzy was hoping for, was not to be ours today!  However, the Rough Guide quotes that the average person loses $635, so we had to be satisfied with our winnings and 800% return and move on.
We walked back towards the Belagio Hotel and went into the casino to the celebrated buffet, which exceeded expectations.  Lovely antipasti, sushi, fresh shell fish, cooked meats and fish, fresh vegetables and fruit and delicious puds- all for $22 each, which we thought great value.  Nice surroundings and attentive service.  Trouble was the wine and beers were a bit steep.  but would definitely go again.  Lizzy agreed that although all the gambling part is a bit gross, there's plenty of other stuff to see, and I'd definitely come back here for a show- currently playing The Jersey Boys, about the rise to fame of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and also would like to see Cirque du Soleil show another time.
A really hot walk back and a siesta!
Right next to our base was a BahamaBreeze, one of a small chain, and we decided to opt for this as it was easier than getting shuttle into town and roaming the streets again, It proved to be an excellent choice and much better than last night.  We opted for appetisers, rather than main meals, which were still big portions, and plenty for all, washed down with mojitos and Sam Adams beer, with Lizzy, in stirling fashion, sticking to non-achoholic cocktails!  Great night and back to bed by 8.30pm, (Laura would be proud of us!  The time she came here on Mark's stag party, she didn't sleep much at all)

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