Tuesday, 16 September 2008

...and then there was 4

And now there are four!!!
Colin and Kate arrived late last Wednesday, necessitating a trip to and a wait in Francisco’s bar until midnight! PHEW!!!
Anyway we’ve done lots since. Been to Punyetes, Ramon’s, and a Paella in Bodega D’Es Port. We’ve been out for day trips, and stayed out overnight in Formentor, but there’s been some uncomfortable swell, caused by big winds from E France, N Italy.

Ian’s been bursting to get back at the first sign of a cloud, so that he could drag, sorry, I mean lead us on a bike ride into foothills of Pollensa. Took Colin and Kate too. Kate came dressed in that most appropriate of cycling outfits- flip-flops, bikini and short skirt! After two and a half hours and twenty miles later, things were beginning to chafe!! We all made appreciative noises about the countryside, ate figs straight off the trees, had lunch overlooking the Bay of Pollensa and then complained of sore bums all the way home!

Tonight Colin’s treating us to a slap-up meal at our favourite steak restaurant, and tomorrow it’s on Ian, so I guess it’ll be Punyetes again!

Been on the beach today sun-bathing, whilst the boys have been on another bike ride. Kate’s got repetitive strain injury in her neck from checking her tan in the mirrior! Also managed to visit Mango a few times for early birthday presents!

Weather’s lovely and warm. Sunny with a bit of cloud and not as oppressively hot at night as it has been. Still got a few days left for some last sailing, swimming and tapas eating before back home late on Thursday. Hear that you’re having some improved weather back home. About time!!!

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