Thursday, 12 March 2009

Blue Crush has new owner

Well it had to happen sometime - eventually we have sold Blue Crush to a Swiss couple - Mr and Mrs Etter. They intend to sail away into the sunset - good luck to them!
However, our travels are not over - we have bought a motorhome and called it Tommy! Timberland Tommy! It's supposed to be ready in May and we look forward to exploring UK and Europe and spending some time walking and cycling.
Meanwhile we're off to Mallorca again in April, to do some cycling like we did in February. That was a fantastic week, weather-wise, apart from me suffering from a stomach problem and Ian crashing off his bike. He returned to the boat to wake me from by sick-bed sporting a lump on his head the size of a goose egg, which later developped into a stunning black eye.
Anyway, next time we'll have shots of Tommy and an update on his travels! In the meantime here's a photo taken recently of the family, increased in size to include Michael, Kate's boyfriend aka "Cliffo"!

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