Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Especially for you

Especially for you, Florence!
Sorry about this, but it’s absolutely roasting. Not particularly sunny today. Majorcan “neighbours” on the boat came out Friday, spent a windy Saturday night at sea, and then left Sunday, saying that they might not return at least until Wednesday, which I supposed should have told us we were in for a few unsettled days. Weather has been windy but really warm and sunny, until today. 28deg!!!!
Our neighbour is a character. Majorcan. Flies a Catalan flag from the rigging and the tiniest Spanish flag from the back of his boat. Now most boats you can tell what kind of personal statement they are making by the size of their flags! The bigger the flag, the bigger the ego and, one can only guess as to the associated personal attributes! Usually less guess-work is involved when Ian says “What a di******” when he sees the size of some German banderas!! But our mate next door has the reverse attitude. Come to think of it, he’s a Majorcan Ian. Do you remember that time when Rab C meets his Spanish counterpart, complete with bandage and Spanish drunken cursing, well…..
Having assumed he was a bit of a recluse, who’d taken to sailing as a means of getting away from jo-public, he turned up with “Maria”. After months of only a passing association with a hose-pipe, red rain clay having thickly encrusted his deck, and no sign of repairs carried out, suddenly, the local chandlers are fitting a new hatch and advising on other ways of screwing money out of him! The love (and focus) of a good woman! However it was wonderful to witness him leaving port. Maria was at the front of the boat looking gorgeous and slim (there the similarity breaks down!), and Ianito throws both mooring lines straight into the water, and chucks the gang-plank haphazardly on the pontoon, for the marineros to tidy up after! He sails off leaving a mess behind him, and shooting up in Ian’s estimations even more, “What a Guy!!”
He returns in the early hours of the following morning, decked out in shabby cagoule, girlfriend looking gorgeous off the port-side, and the remnants of last night’s wine in the cock-pit, and a mass of half-burnt candles!!! On arriving back in the berth with fairly brisk winds, Ianito backs into us and demolishes his tiny excuse for a Spanish flag, complete with flag-pole! So it will be interesting to see what he replaces it with, if anything. Mucho viento, he says! You don’t say!!!
Meanwhile, we’ve hired bikes and had lovely reccies into the foot-hills of Pollensa, finding “camis” or little roads which lead to trees full of ripe figs and carob beans. Driving over Lemons as Chris Stewarts book was called about Andalucia. Well cycling over almonds and figs is the Mallorcan version! Why are figs in UK sooooo expensive, when they’re being driven over in droves out here, and left to rot on the trees!!! Planned a great two and a half hour route for Colin and Kate when they come out next week. “What do you mean you’re on holiday!”
Just had a fantastic Menu del Dia at Casa Gallega--- 10Euros each for Langostine and Avocado starter, then mixed fish with mixture of potatoes and peppers and carrots in a lovely sauce, then fresh fruit and ice-cream, a bottle of house wine and a strong coffee. Absolutely amazing! A siesta and then a cheese butty for tea!!!!! Buen Provecho!!!!

Lots of lovexxxxxx
Any news from Los Trabajadores, Nanny Ogg, the fell-running contingent of the Webbies, Jack Rafter et al?????

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ian and Marie,

Thanks for sending the blog. Has no`one else sent you any messages?

You sound to have a real character in the next boat. At least you have some-one interesting to study!

The weather sounds to be a lot better than it has been here. But I must admit it hasn't been bad for two days.At least you managed to get out on the bikes you hired.Did you not pick any of the almonds and figs you saw as you were cycling along?

I suppose Kate and Colin are now with you, so hope they get some decent weather whilst they are there with you.

Must finish now, things seem to be going wrong!Must have pressed a wrong button.

Lots of love, see you soon. Mum.xxxxx