Monday, 30 January 2012

Montego Bay

Last leg to Montego Bay, Jamaica

Gran started getting stroppy when told 5 bottles Red Stripe was enough at lunchtime!
At sea now to our last port of call. A massive 1200mls across the Gulf of Mexico, between the Yucatan Peninsular and Cuba and back into the Caribbean and Jamaica. Three and a half days later and we arrived at Montego Bay and our last few hours before flying off to Gatwick. Stories of a winter yet to arrive with a vengeance in UK, ready for our return and forecast for Feb.
Some great food on board, highlights being grilled lobster tails, monkfish and mahi mahi, fish every day. But more important than that, the wonderful and caring staff of the Balmoral, mainly from Thailand, the Philippines and Bali, were excellent.
We were able to stay on board right up to the last minute. Bags had been packed and taken away during the night, able to use their towels, swim and sunbathe all morning, use showers and clean up ready for lunch. Last meal on board, sitting calmly together in the cool of the Ballindalloch restaurant, being waited on and served great food-fish again. Farewells to friends and staff, and ready for off.
Montego Bay Jamaica
Looking forward to returning home, to seeing friends and family, sleeping in a double bed, a big bath, cooking again etc.

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