Thursday, 26 January 2012


Galveston, Texas

25 January. Lily's First Birthday
Also Burns Night!

Nice picture of Ship's bell (nothing to do with Galveston)
Arrived in thick fog, and we're delayed getting into our berth, because the port had been closed to all shipping. Apparently common-place, when there are light winds.
Most important objective today was to find Starbucks and Skype the family. Ended up in Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant, with pints of Blue Moon with orange slices and Shrimp Poboys. Absolutely tipping it down and lightening, but managed to Skype Lily and we all sang Happy Brithday to her. Grandma was delighted to see her little smiling face, and watch her confidently walking towards us, whilst we all clapped excitedly. She can even get back up again quickly, if she falls down, and she's so quick at walking. Andrew said she even runs at times. He told us his visa is going to be extended for three years, and he's still hoping to come over this year, so grandma's really pleased about that.
Then we skyped Laura and chatted with her for a while. So lovely to see them. Could n't get hold of Kate, but she's sent a message to say that she's booked her flights to see Michael in April. As the storm continued outside, we ordered two more Blue Moons and waited for it to pass. The place was filling up with disgruntled cruise passengers, but we couldn't have been happier, now that we'd all seen Lily, and all the family.
There were trips to Houston and the Kennedy Space Centre, but we didn't fancy them. The old Strand in downtown Galveston was worth a visit, with it's historic buildings, but unless you liked shopping, there wasn't much to do there. So back to the ship, just in time for daily Pilates, and later the quiz with grandma!
Burns night tonight, so Scottish Gordon might be wearing his plaid trousers or his kilt, and haggis and nears will no doubt be on the menu!

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