Friday, 18 November 2011

Last few days

Topanga State Park
Our last trip into Topanga Canyon on the bikes for this year at least. Another lovely sunny day. The kids say you get bored of the weather being much the same, eventually! Lizzys made us a superb picnic of the previous night's meatloaf, grapes and nuts. We'd started to think about having to leave all the family behind very soon, and Ian wanted to see if we could smuggle Lily back home in the suitcase! Check out the photo!
A meal out with a group of their friends, including Lexie and John, and then our last night on Lily's bedroom! She's been sleeping with Mum and Dad, so I wouldn't blame them, if they were glad to see the back of us for a while!
The following morning we gave Lizzy a break and took little pickle for a spin around Balboa Park again. We're looking forward to taking her when she's a bit older, to the adventure playgrounds there. They're superb. Got some great video footage of Lily smiling and laughing at some of the moving objects on a mural.
Plenty of room!
She's not far off walking. She took two steps from mummy to the green dinosaur walker, which we bought her. She'll have changed so much when we visit next time, but at least we can keep up to date on Skype, and we're hoping that they'll be coming over to the UK in the first half of next year.
Burrito Babe

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