Friday, 18 November 2011

Hollywood in 10 mins

Santa Barbara
Back to Andrew and Lizzys for a few days now, after a great few days further North. Reflecting on the journey back, we both agreed we'd go back to Santa Barbara again, because it's so close to the kids, and we'd really enjoyed our time there.
Lizzy had prepared a lovely cannelloni meal for us, and once Lily had gone to bed, we caught up on "Downton Abbey" and the next installment of "Homeland".
The following day, we caught the Metro bus and then underground to Hollywood. The kids had warned us that there wasn't much to see, but we wanted to see how quick it was to get into the city. And it was. A speedy efficient 45min trip for 5 dollars each. But not as speedy as our brief visit to Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame, where we paused briefly to glance at some of the hundred or so stars on the pavement, with celebrities names. There were people having their photos taken pointing to their favourite "star", re-enacting poses with a pirate with a striking resemblance to Johnny Depp, and lots of souvenir shops! We'd expected this but didn't expect to see how down-market and scruffy the area was! We high-tailed outta there and got back to the flat in time to give the kids a break, and take Lily out for a stroll. Lizzy made us another great meal of my favourite "pulled pork", and we spent the night relaxing with the kids and playing with Lily. She's such a sweetheart, and she's not as wary of us now, even crying when we leave the room, so we're making the bond with her that I'd hoped for.

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