Saturday, 3 July 2010

Stage 10 Beaufort to La Clusaz

Stage 10 Beaufort to La Clusaz

We started off the day together, as I was determined to get up the Col de Saisies, with Ian. When I say with Ian, I obviously only mean in spirit- I’m not that optimistic. As it was, even though it was my third consecutive cycle, with plenty of climbing, (something I try to stat clear of), I managed it much better than I expected. Must be getting fitter! With a pleasant gradient of 7% and 8% most of the way, I reached the top a mere 15mins behind Ian! Shocked!! It is a lovely climb with superb views all the way up. Then Ian continued down into Flumet, a lovely town, along the Gorges de l’Arondine (really dramatic and steep-sided), through the lovely La Giettaz(Tour de France goes through here on 13July),up the Col des Aravis (1486m), and tdown the other side to La Clusaz and then on to the campsite at Le Fernuy, in the val des Confins. Great views up the jagged teeth of the Chaine des Aravis mountains. Very different to other mountains around, jagged and volcanic-looking!

Very hot today, and I was concerned about Ian climbing in the heat of the day. Glad we didn’t plan to come any later, purely luck really, but it gets very hot in the afternoon, so you need to be off by 8ish.

Just accept that nothing will be open until July, and relaxed back at the van, cooked, washed, blogged etc. All the drive over have got the impression that everything is being made ready for the short season of “les grandes vacances”, early July until September. So basically, cater for yourself and don’t expect anywhere to be open, unless you’re in biggish town. Curious. If this was Mallorca, they’d be open and ready for business, but there you go! There is a curious attitude towards tourism in France, which is like nowhere else. The Dutch people we met said the same thing, and remarked about the inflexibility of the French culture, but loved visiting the place nevertheless!!

Can’t believe it’s Ian’s last day tomorrow! Bought a bottle of Cremant de Bourgogne sparkling wine to celebrate, but it all feels a bit sad that this part of the adventure is coming to a close. Mind you that’s easy for me to say, I’m not the one with a sore a***se!! Thanks for the Sudocrem suggestion, new-grandma Caroline!!.

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