Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pouring down in Beaufort

Pouring Down in Beaufort, Haute Savoie

Drove through Chambery and Albertville, in the direction of Bourg St Maurice, and arrived in the pouring rain in Beaufort, a picture-postcard village which could grace the cover of any desirable biscuit tin! The architecture’s completely different to the Burgundy area, with wooden chalets and brightly-coloured shutters, window boxes over-brimming with pink and red geraniums, and yet another place trying hard to win and award for the most beautifully floral place in France.
We pitched up on our site some miles out of Beaufort, a little site called “Les Sources”/ The Springs, and there was more rushing water than you could shake a stick at! Our host and his wife, very helpful and friendly, did not speak a word of English, and seemed bemused that we’d stuck by our reservation (made several weeks ago with French that had seen little airing since 1970- ah, yes, those were the days, walking down into Clitheroe town centre, in the hope of catching the eye of some gorgeous hunk from the Boy’s School, but I digress!!) I found out why the owner seemed unhappy about making the reservation using e-mail and credit cards. There is no signal here at all! Ian’s been trying, like mad, to get the update of the Tour de France, using the state of the art satellite that he bought especially for it!
Anyway, the weather’s just started to pick up, Ian went off on a reccy walk, and he’s thrilled to bits, because with an improvement in the weather, he’s managed to get BBC London, CNN and Sky News, only three out of hundreds normally available. But he’s a happy boy!

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