Thursday, 23 July 2009

First Stage for Ian

First Stage of Ian’s Tour de France!

Aforementioned gorgeous hunk sighted wheezing, sorry, weaving his way up to the Cormet de Roselend, which at 1967m, by anybody’s reckoning is a rather large hill!
He returned looking a bit tired, to say the least, but very chuffed! The following day we were to see various extremely athletic characters working their way up, with sun-tanned taut calf muscles and strained facial expressions. Ian pointed out that several of them were women, and I pointed back to him that most of them were less that 30yrs old, and around about a similar number of kilos in weight. Then just to prove me wrong a woman of at least 60 came past, or did she just look 60 because she’d punished her body so much!
Either way, with two days to go until the Tour de France nutters co,
me through, with Bradley Wiggins currently in third place, we’re starting to think about the best place to site ourselves in readiness. Do we cycle to the top of Cormet de Roselend and watch them coming up the last bit of ascent before they fly down? Do we take the van as near to the top as possible and walk the last couple of miles, past all the enthusiastic French Camping-Cars that have already begun to amass there, most of them within a few hundred yards of the nearest mountain-top restaurant?
I, personally, am making my pitch towards the latter, and you can guess what Ian’s twisted, little mind is thinking! Anyway, you’ll have to wait for the outcome!
Back at the site, the Sun’s burning down fantastically, although it does go cool at night, which is best. In the morning, it takes a while to get warm, because we’re in a superb spot, surrounded by vertiginously steep, pine-covered mountains, complete with gushing waterfalls, which drop hundreds of feet. It really is worth selling the boat for! And that’s the first time I’ve mentioned the boat!!

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