Monday, 4 February 2008

Wilpena Pound

880km round trip to the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound, the home of some unpronouncable and writtable Aborigonal tribe. A huge range of mountains that forms a circle around a "pound" where the early inhabitants used to hunt. Saw Emus and plenty of roos, but no sign of anything or anyone else. Mad dogs and Englishmen as the saying goes. Very true. Set off with overcast but hot weather up the Outside Trail (7.7k) and then took the scenic very hot route back through the pound(20k). By this time the sun was up and it was very hot. Fortunately took plenty of water with us, but had bitten off more than we could chew-6 hours of dry, parched land, eucalyptus trees and flies! Had the presence of mind to buy some very fetching nets to go over our hats- would have been impossible without them!
Back to the red-hot van and downed pint after pint of water, followed by iced coffees, followed by beers, and then sat with up to our necks in cool water in the pool.
Van experience is working well- great loo, shower, fridge, air-con, cooker, wardrobe. Mind you it's amazing to travel on dead straight roads with no-one on them!
Back to civilistaion now, mobile phone transmissin and internet access!
Met up with other rellies(Ray and Kerryn pictured) who live just outside Adelaide, in a lovely area in the Eden Hills, called Happy Valley! going around McClaren Vale and Hardys vineyards tomorrow, cos we're running low on stock!


Respect aii said...

Alright chill blains, glad to hear you are having a lovely time. I'm holding up the fort here, putting fires out all over the place!

Off to kickboxing tonight - it is haard work - but its the only way to get any respect in the hood. Oh yeah, i am part of the N7 Masssive - you might of heard of us, we is special!

You will be glad to hear the mighty Comets are unbeaten in 2008 with an important Cup match this weekend. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Burnley, but play-offs are still a definite possibility - cant wait to see them at the Emirates next season!

Any road, hope you havent driven each other mad in the campervan (get the pun). Adios amigos

Funky Skunk said...


Green Eyed Monster said...

I believe funky skunk is gran. A bit out of order there gran! I know Lauras retarded but that's a bit harsh.

Looks like your still having fun ma and pa. But all good things must come to an end at somepoint! When are you guys back?



Ma said...

Who are these wierd people who keep leaving messages on my site!
To answer the green eyed monster- of course all good things must come to an end and you well know when we're coming back! On second thoughts, may decide to stay out here and hoang out with the "grey nomads" as they're called out here! Have got all the requirements- laid-back expression, dirty clothes, grey hair but we'd both have to grow it! Also need a souped-up, self-sufficient RV!
Not heard from granny-grunks or my ma and pa, and not sure whether mi mate, Jude's getting these life-changing missives! Anyone out there prepared to check ie good daughter! Necessary tel no can be got from special daughter!!!