Friday, 8 February 2008

The Snowies- Thredbo via Glenrowan, Wodonga, Khancoban......

Visited McLaren Vale and Hardys vineyards with Ray and Kerryn- great to spot so many "old friends" on the signs approaching- Chapel Hill, Rosemount etc!!
Travelled an amazing 500k that day, only overtaken twice and passed by about 100 vehicles! Incredibly straight roads and no traffic, so easy to cover huge distances quickly. Drove on Mallee Highway then Murray Valley highway to overnight camp at Swan Hills Pioneer City caravan site. sat and watched an amazing lightning show all around but no rain as yet and still in the upper 30s.
Following day Murray Valley highway through Kerang, Echuca, Glenrowan,Wodonga and overnight on a little site at Khancoban- another 538k
Glenrowan was where Ned Kelly made his last stand against the Victoria Police in 1880. Wearing his home-made "suit of armour", he came out shooting and was hit by 28 bullets, before being over-powered. In spite of public sympathy, he was hanged at Melboourne jail. A local told me that he was a young Irishman, living in hard times, and unfairly dealt with by the English law-enforcers, a bit of a "local hero".
Really friendly people (as usual) at the Khancoban campsite plus friendly Kookaburras who fly down to eat mince beef from the hand of the park owner, Tony Ellis.
80k journey to Thredbo, Ngarigo campsite, in the Snowy mountains. Pay a park fee and you can stay overnight in several designated camping areas- only a loo but really quiet and unspoilt. Ngarigo was a tribe of Aborigines who annually migrated here from the plains in the Summer months to get away from the heat-I know how they felt! they used to follow the bogong moths into the mountains and eat them like a delicacy. We passed on the moths, and ate Tasmanian salmon, and Moroccan lamb!
Climbed the top of Australia today, Mt Kosciuszko, at 2200m. 4deg on top! The lengths you've got to go to to cool off in this place!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to read all your comments. Glad you made good time to Swan Hill and then Khancoban. Good scenery around there. It was good to see you both. Enjoy the rest of your trip, Hamilton Island and Borneo. K & R -Homestead

Anonymous said...

Trying to send another comment, spent ages last week, telling you all about our visit to the Flinders Ranges, and Wilpener Pound, only to not managing to send it! Hope I have a bit more luck this time!

We went to the Flinders Rangers with Terence,Sheila,Alwyn and Arthur on one of our earlier visits.We stayed at a students camp, only us there. We slept in an outside dormatory, and had a long walk to the toilets in the middle of the night! Wouldn't like tp try it now. We also visited Wilpena Pound, it is certainly worth seeing.

Glad you managed to visit Ray and Kerryn. They have sent me a message, also two photos. They were very pleased to see you.

I now see you have been to the place where Ned Kelly was captured, have been there as well! Not been to the Snowy mountains though!

Just waiting for Phyllis to come. Have ordered the potato pie and Vanilla slices. Bet they are better than the ones you had!!!

Must finish now and hope you get this message. Love Mum

Ma said...

Lovely to hear from you Gran Marnier - you were right about vanilla slices - Birtwistles are the best!You can double click all of these photos and they will be much better and clearer