Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tour comes to Cassel

The Tour de France comes through Cassel
After Guignicourt we drove up to Eperleques, near St Omer in Flanders.  Heavy rain most of the way up!  A flattish not particularly scenic area, known mainly for the impact the first and second world wars had on it.  We arrived here at about lunchtime and by 2pm were out on our bikes watching the Tour come through Cassel.  Not the crowds we'd seen in Yorkshire, but still good fun and support, particularly seeing my favourite Tomas Voeckler out front, straining and pulling his usual faces.  Lovely climb up to Cassel, which we'd definitely come back to in the future, maybe giving ourselves an extra day here to explore Belgium, which is only about 20miles away.  32miles at a lovely faster speed.
Catching the Chunnel tomorrow after a fantastic and memorable time in France.  Looking forward to getting home though!

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