Friday, 28 June 2013

One col too many!

"One Col Too Many"!

Our very last day in the Alps.  Back in the van and driving North. Last chance!  But really too tired to do any more climbing. Especially the Col de Madeleine.
Had a rubbish climb up here last year from further down the valley near Aigueblanche.  Last climb we did and felt really tired and defeated before we started!  Steep first half and a long climb about 19kms with an overall of 8.5%.  And we had ten miles to get to the foot of the climb from La Chambre.  No I'll stay back at the van and do some sewing!  Well, it is the last chance.  Ok I'm coming as well!  Didn't have a bad time, but it seemed like a long way!   Again,it was a very cold day.  Whilst I sheltered in the cafe on the summit, with a coffee and a tarte au myrtille, with a fire heating the room, at the end of June, a cyclist came in and said it had just started snowing!  Just to remind you that you are at 2000m.
A freezing, shivering descent and then a slightly warm cycle back via St Marie de Cuines back to the site.  Glad we'd done it.  Great views but freezing!  And as Ian summed it up, "It was just one col too many!"  Shame really!
Set off the following day to get the bulk of the miles done.  All the way to just north of Reims to Guignicourt.  Long drive and miserable weather.  Dark clouds and drizzle.

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