Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Final Leg!

The final leg!/ Axat to Perpignan

We woke to dampness all around.  Moisture hanging in the air and more heavy clouds.  Looks like today’s going to be another mixed day!  It’s the final day of our journey through the Pyrenees.  We’re now in the Languedoc-Rousillon region, and specifically the Occitane, the country of the Cathars, the Templars and the Holy Grail, Montsegur being among dozens of castles perched precariously on high mountain peaks, visible for miles around.  Out of the forests and woods and into Mediterranean maquis/scrub.  For Ian, along mainly downhill section along quiet country roads.  For me, main dual carriageways into Perpignan, getting progressively more and more busy.  I made for an aire just outside St Cyprien , and again Ian wasn’t far behind!  Can’t say the driving was satisfying today, and I long for the mountain climbs, the solitude and the isolation!

The weather picked up late afternoon and finally the sun came out, but very sticky!  Lovely sheltered, roomy aire, if we should ever find ourselves back here- highly unlikely!  The only way to visit this coastal area is by sea!

We celebrated Ian’s journey with a glass of Cremant, sparkling wine!  Looking forward to visiting Peyrepertuse Cathar Castle tomorrow.

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