Saturday, 5 June 2010

Eriskay to Benbecula

Eriskay-South Uist-Benbecula

Straight through on single track roads all the way to Benbecula, which is joined to the Uists by causeways, part-funded by the EU, which makes you realise they’d been separated until very recently.  It was raining and misty, but we took a short detour in South Uist to Druidibeg Nature Reserve.  Would like to explore here but not today! With its big hills around hundreds of lochans, it is the home of the golden eagle, greylag geese, and the shy, almost rare corncrake, with its distinctive “crake, crake” call, especially in the evening. The corncrake is about the size of a small chicken, and the Hebrides are the only places in the British Isles where they can be found.  Benbecula is reputedly one of its favourite spots, and crofting methods have reflected the need to protect the habitat of these ground-nesting birds.
We were making our way early evening to the only camp-site in this whole stretch, Shell Bay.  Though a reasonable site, with plenty of hot water, and beggars can’t be choosers, but it did look like an old army barracks site!  And the grey, bleak surroundings did make me think of geese- yes, that’s it- Goose Green!!!
TV on, and the forecast says the hottest day of the year expected tomorrow, everywhere in UK….  apart from the far north of Scotland, where it’s going to lob it down all day!  Well, they don’t always get it right!

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