Thursday, 11 February 2010

Staying Put

Staying Put

It’s so nice to stay in one place for a few days. Firstly, if you tell the reception you’re only staying for one night, you’re likely to be put in a spot that most people would turn down, that has a very large dog next-door, and is right next to a septic tank, or worse still, kiddies playground! So three whole nights in one place! I can get everything out and not have to put them back- the kettle, fruit bowl, TV, computer, sewing projects, books, plastic flowers in concrete plantpots!!
Such a joy just to sit and catch up on my blog, which unfortunately has little of real depth and interest to say, BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SET FOOT OUTSIDE THE VAN!! That feels better now. Ian’s gone off for a two hour cycle ride, because he’s suffering from perceived obesity, complete with bike lock keys, but he’s forgotten to unlock my bike first!! So there is/was the possibility of a cycle ride to the local market, until I found my bike was unusable!
So nothing for it but to sit down and get on with my blog- as if I hadn’t been sitting around enough for the last six days!
I’ve been sitting here for the last two hours! Ian’s just got back and informed me that the bike lock keys have been in the glove compartment all along, and he’d forgotten to say! 30odd years of marriage, with the emphasis on “odd”, and we still don’t communicate! I’m freezing! The sun’s shining but the wind is bitter! I’m off to stay with Andrew and Lizzy in USA next year!!!!!
Next blog when I’m in a better mood or warmed up a bit or had a swim or visited the fitness centre or had a couple of glasses of wine or all of the above!!


Cheese Stick said...

Hi peeps,

Yep more than welcome to stay in the sunshine ma! Weather is pretty good at the moment, cold but sunny here. Where are the pictures!? Too much text, not enough pictures! ;)

Pili has been over from the UK and stayed with us last weekend, we showed her the mountains, beach and hollywood, really wasn't much time to do much but it was good.

Anyway back to work, get some pitcure's up there!

Marie said...

What's with the Cheese Stick!
Congrats on being our only comment! Sorry no pics but we do have about 2 photos of snowy Madrid area to show you later! A very expensive, pretty crap trip this time, but chalking it up to experience!! currently sailing thru the Bay of Biscay, surrounded by dolphins playing tag! Landing back home via Plymouth approx 2am!!! love and hugs Ma and Pa xxx