Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Just in time for a cycle

Just in time for a quick cycle!

Door to door, Home to Lauterbrunnen campsite in two days! And welcome to Switzerland!
Great campsite run by Australians and English! Sign on the door saif closed until 3pm, and it was 1pm. Ah well, maybe have to kill some time having a beer, but no, the proprietor, who doesn’t hold with the continental way of closing for the rest of the day, could be summoned on his mobile and was there with the famed Swiss efficiency and immediacy!
Less than an hour later we were parked up, and away on the bikes for a quick cycle up the valley. We went out one way towards Wengen, and then Ian remembered that the reason why he couldn’t find a road up to Wengen was because there wasn’t a road up to Wengen! An idyllic alpine village, complete with wooden chalets, alpine meadows, and jingling cow bells, perched high above the valley floor and only accessible by the wonderful Wengern Alpen Bahn WAB, for short, a series of funicular railways developed since 1912, which connect all the Alpine villages in the area, Wengen, Grindelwald, Murren, Kleinescheidegg, to name but a few. Absolutely magical.
We cycled out the other way towards Stickelberg, and then having orientated ourselves we returned to the van. Later that night we met up with a friend of ours, David W, aka Wilkie, aka the Doctor, in a local hostelry. He was there for his 25th or so visit, with his old school chums, Dave Ed and Roger, and his son Alistair. We got together, and discussed plans for walking tomorrow.
Incidentally, the weather is wonderful. The forecast for the next few days is great, and the scenery is outstanding. What’s more, the recent rain has settled as a good drop of snow on the glaciers and mountains, cleaning them all up, covering the dinghy tired snow-tops with a fresh covering of crisp, white snow. So in short, it couldn’t be better and we are so lucky to be here!

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