Friday, 7 March 2008

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Counting down to going home now. Back in a very comfortable hotel, close to Kota Kinabalu. Went into KK last night. Food's much cheaper than in the hotal and much more interesting. Malays are very welcoming and friendly, and we've never felt uncomfortable or intimidated. Ate at a local place last night. Sabah veggies in a shrimpy sauce, singapore noodles, tom yam noodle soup, all 3 dishes for 21 ringit ie 3pounds fifty. Then on to Irish Bar next door, honest that was local too!!. Total food bill 21 ringits, and total drinks bill 80 ringits!!! Typical!!!!
Anyway not much else to tell you about, so it's probably best to sign off now until the next lump of travelling on the boat this summer.
I'll finish with 2 more words, but you'll have to say these out loud to get a real feel for the hang-over from colonial times. Malaysia became independent in 1957 (2 years after I was born!!)
--- Teksi Taxi
--- Bas Bus
Were n't the ex-pats posh!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Marie for all the marvellous messages you have sent, you have been fantastic. You should certainly make them all into a book, and publish it.

Looking forward to speaking to you on the phone when you get back home. I have really missed you both.

Keith and Deb are going up into the Lakes tonight, for their wedding Anniversary, unfortunately, the weather report for the weekend isn't very good. Lot of rain and gales forecast. Hope they have got the forecast wrong!

Lookforward to hearing from you when you get home.

Lots of love, Mum.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Mum don't go telling stories like that, they'll think we're enjoying ourselves. There was lots of wind, 70mph to be precise which saw Deb and yours truly crawling along Catbells on hands and knees. But a good weekend all the same. Look forward to meeting up with you when you get back to Derbyshire and hearing more stories.